The “Rapture”

The “Rapture”

The “rapture” of the church:

Through dispensationalism, the ” rapture ” teaching sneaked into the church 150 years ago. Many Christians are misled thinking there is an “escape” for the church before the start of the great tribulation and are not preparing themselves for what is lying ahead for the world and the saints.

Many Christians will fall away from the faith once they realize they have been lied to and find themself in the middle of the great tribulation.

Please watch FAI Studios’ short video below:

The four main reasons why we do not believe in a Pre-tribulation Rapture 

1: We do not find it in the Bible

2: We do not find it in Church history

3: You will not find it taught outside the “West”

4: The message of “escape” is not found in any of Jesus’s teachings 

Below is a series of videos from FAI Studios that go into detail exposing this false teaching. 

They cover every argument in-depth and debunk each one of them, in love and truth.

After watching this series you cannot but agree that this is not a Biblical teaching.

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