Eljasib – Messenger

Eljasib – Messenger

In Touch Messenger

Messenger_5_English User Manual


Early 2016 I was given a Messenger by my Pastor at Benoni Bible Church in South Africa. He told me to look at the device knowing I do Bible distributions.

I was very excided with the device being in English and another language and with a solar charger, this was ideal for the terrain we hand-out Bibles. The device is idea for a group leader sharing the Bible and messages to a group. the Messages on the Messenger are clear and simple and speaks strait to the hart.

The Messengers are also a great tool to use for remote Christians, the messages on the messenger is basic but good food for Christians in a time where there is a scares in the true quality messages.

Victor is very involved in the Chinese christen community in Pretoria and the Mandarin Messengers are been spread to them.








When Paul fell is, the Messenger was very helpful for Him in the Hospital. Paul has gone to heaven since then.




Piet, does missions in Africa and the Messengers have been spread to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Madagascar, Mali and Mauritius. The French, Portuguese and Chichewa Messengers were distributed in these areas.










Herman was helping a Pastor in Malawi, and we could give him the Chichewa/English Messengers.


Handing of Chichewa Bible and Messenger Electronic Bible to Pastor Jefferson Gulo from Malawi with Letanea and her husband. She baptised him in Lake Malawi 19 years ago. He has been wanting just 8 bibles for a very long time and Letanea has tried since January to get them without any success.

We had just 8 Chichewa Bibles in stock, just what he needed they are 8 pastors, we could also give him 4 Messengers Chichewa/English.

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