Five Cautions for the Church

Five Cautions for the Church

5 points warning the “Church” that they must have enough oil to be ready to meet their Bridegroom, Jesus, but as the parable in Mat 25 warns us, unfortunately there will be foolish virgins that will not have enough oil.  The Lord has put it on the harts of many Christians to warn the “Church” ,  the question is – Will they listen?

  1. Pre-tribulation Rapture Self Defense

“Then shall the Kingdom of Heaven be likened unto ten virgins…” (Mat 25:1).

Let’s take a closer look at the Parable of the Ten Virgins – as it condemns the Pre-tribulation Rapture teaching and belief in totality. The Pre-tribulation believers say that one will eventually pay with his or her blood if they miss the Rapture; but if you take a closer look at the ten virgins, you will discover that the five who were “foolish” were not ready, thereby going off to buy oil for themselves and missed entering in with the Bridegroom (Jesus).  This can be likened to “left behind” Christians who believed their own blood will avail for them – that they can make it when the Antichrist kills them.

The five foolish virgins came back after going off to prepare themselves again, but that door was never opened to them again.  So, why would any Christian believe that anything after the Rapture will avail for them?  Are they telling us that God has changed?  God does not change; and will not change because of man.  He has given his Word and we are expected to abide by it.

When the five foolish virgins discovered they were not well prepared for the Bridegroom, they immediately sought to do something about it – but it was too late.  They missed the Bridegroom despite the fact that they completed their preparation and came back.  Unfortunately, it was too late for that door to be opened to them again – which goes also to tell us that the admission of the saints into the Kingdom will be once – and no matter what preparation you make after that, there will be no admission.

But, the Pre-tribulation Rapture believers are telling us how the saints will be admitted into heaven in phases: the first phase at the appearance; and the second at the Second Coming – but there is no biblical truth or backing for this belief.

The Parable of the Ten Virgins completely gives us a clear teaching on how the Kingdom of God will be administered.  It tells us that the Bridegroom (Jesus) will take his Bride (the Church) once; and that no matter what other preparation anyone makes after that, it will not count.  If you miss the Rapture, you are done forever – there is not going to be another opportunity for you.  If you miss the first sacrifice, then there is no other sacrifice left.  If you ever neglect so great a salvation, how can you escape?


  1. The Great Awakening

The Lord opened my eyes in a revelation and showed me where so many people were sleeping.  When I saw this, the Lord helped me to start to wake them up.  I was doing this when I woke up – and the voice of the Lord rang in my spiritual ear and I heard “The Great Awakening;” and right there I knew another great assignment has been given.

The Bible says that the Lord gave his Word and great was the company that published it.  Therefore, the Lord has given an assignment; and I know he is going to make us great as we carry out this great assignment.  The Lord needs people from all over the world for this great assignment, but it is going to be the people whom God – through revelation and his Spirit – has given the vision and the hunger to awake the Church from their slumber.

Matthew 25 gives us a Parable of the Ten Virgins – and how, at the last moment, all of them slept (both the wise and the foolish), so both saints and sinners today are all sleeping – and the Lord has permitted a voice to wake them all prior to his Return.  Are you getting something here?

Rev 10:7 says that when the voice of the seventh angel begins to sound, then the mystery of the Lord shall be finished.  What is the voice of the seventh angel?  The voice of the seventh angel is the voice of warning and awakening.

Are you still there playing denominational Christianity, or are you still sleeping?  Now is the time to wake up!  Join us to make this assignment a reality.  Race is not a barrier; and language will also not be a barrier.  Prepare yourself to usher in the voice of awakening into your country.  Prophecies must be fulfilled – and Jesus must come back no matter what you believe.

There is a call today for you to wake up – and to wake your community and nation up.  The voice of the “Great Awakening” will soon start; and we don’t know how long it will sound, but remember – at the end of the sounding of that voice, Jesus must come back.  The gospel will be preached in all nations and then the end will come.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.  Amen.


  1. The Ten Virgins and the Pre-tribulation Rapture Error

What we have to learn from the story of the Ten Virgins is that the Pre-tribulation Rapture teaching or doctrine is not only a lie, but is a baseless theory.  The question is whether there is going to be a second group that will eventually be saved after the Rapture: I mean the “left behind” saints.

Why did the five foolish virgins not make it when the Bridegroom came as they went off to buy oil?  If you want to take about someone, or a group of people, who almost qualified for a second chance, I think the five foolish virgins are in a better position – but they never made it because there will never be a second chance.

Think about those who refused to hear the message from Noah.  When the flood came, they all perished.  Those who were prepared, in the time of Noah, were taken once and after that there was no second chance.  So also it happened in the Parable of the Ten Virgins.  When, in Sodom, those who did not follow Lot and his family, all perished – so why are we now thinking it will be different this time?

Why are some Christians teaching doctrines that will disarm others from being properly prepared for the Antichrist and the Rapture.  There will be no second chance after the Rapture!  There is no blood that is qualified to pay for oneself before – or after – the Rapture; and there is no other name that can save us except the name of Jesus Christ.  Don’t be deceived: Jesus will not come except the Antichrist comes first (II Thessalonians 2:1-5).  God bless you all.


  1. Tribulation and Technology

“For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be” (Mat 24:21).

Remember, tribulation is the wrath of Satan against all that is called God.  As we all know, the world has experienced what we can say is the worst tribulation from the agents of Satan against the people of God.  We have seen beheading, feeding starving lions and dogs with Christians alive, unlawful killing of Christians – and many more awful treatment meted out against Christians.

But, in the above passage, Jesus was talking about a tribulation so different and severe such as the whole wide world has never witnessed before and will never see it again thereafter.  Now, the question is what did Jesus see when he said this type of tribulation has never been seen before and will never be seen again?  What is the difference between the other tribulations and the one that is coming?

What is going to make the difference – and the answer is – what we use every day; and that is “technology,” be it in any form.  Now, there are several satellites that are capable of monitoring the earth as a whole; there are several drones with powerful surveillance cameras that can see up to several feet beyond the ground level while flying in the air; there are biometrics and biochips; there are computers of any kind, and powerful smart phones, etc.

The world has never seen these things before until this time – and they are capable of bringing exactly the type of tribulation Jesus Christ told us about.  If you look around you, some major highways are being reconstructed into super highways.  All these are steps the agents of Antichrist are taking to make the operation of their master flawless.  The banking system which will be the hub of their activities has already started the steps that will enable them to help the Antichrist take control of world commerce against the saints.

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their forehead” (Rev 13:16).

As we look at the cutting edge of current technology, we can begin to see how some Biblical prophecies are likely to be fulfilled.  Technology will provide many of the tools which Satan and the Antichrist will use in their battle against the Church and against the spread of Christianity.

Satan desires to deceive the elect.  Our Lord Jesus cautions us not to be deceived (Mat 24:4).  He instructs us to be wise as serpents (Mat 10:16); and to be prepared for his return (Mar 13:32-37).  Paul writes that we should be deceived about the time of the coming of our Lord Jesus because certain events must first occur (2The 2:1-3).

We must not be found sleeping as the Antichrist system comes together.  God bless you.


  1. Hip Hop Gospel or Gospel Hip Hop

That’s the new wave of Satanic tricks to trick you and me who would never dance to the same hip hop without knowing it.  If you want to know that all of that has nothing to do with God, just get the video and watch.  You will see the same dance steps, nakedness of dancers – in fact, the only difference is that you are hearing Jesus.

But, I want to tell you to beware because different types of Jesus are on the lips of those deceivers; but there is one Jesus they will never mention – and that is the Jesus that is coming again.

Don’t just listen to the audio only.  Get the video just to confirm what I said here.  Whether you sing or dance to such music, I want to let you know that you are singing or dancing to God if you behave like what you think is Christianity.  How can someone who claims to sing to the glory of God appear naked even on the pages of the newspapers?  How can they have tattoos all over their body?

Is there any communion between light and darkness?  Unfortunately, this is everywhere inside the Church.  God have mercy.

Anthony Ben (Lagos, Nigeria)



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