Nebuchadnezzar’s dream

King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream of a huge statue, Daniel was given the outlay of this dream by God.  Dan 2:36–47 

What does the different parts of the image represent?

  • The head of gold represented Nebuchadnezzar and his kingdom of Babylon. (B.C. 605-539)
  • The breast and arms of silver represented Cyrus and his kingdom of Media and Persia. (B.C. 539-331)
  • The belly and thighs of brass represented Philip and Alexander and the Greek or Macedonian kingdom. (B.C. 331-168)
  • The legs of iron represented the Roman Empire. (B.C. 168-A.D. 476)
  • The feet of iron and clay represented a group of European nations. (Current kingdom)

History has proven that all these Kingdoms did rise and fall, thus it is not a myth but prophesies coming in fulfillment.

Thus we are living in the time of the Divided Kingdom of Feet of Iron and Clay:

  • Europe forced to be one nation.
  • Gay’s and strait people forced to live under one kingdom with same rules
  • Rainbow Nation, all different cultures forced to mix and live together
  • One world religion, the Popes and many charismatic preachers are building a one world religion system.
  • New world order, one world, one currency, forced together

These will never be a unity always divided like iron and clay cannot mix.

Jesus’s promise Dan 2:44 clearly states: “44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed”

Gods promises to his Bride In the days of these kings, Jesus the rock will destroy these Kingdoms hitting the feet of clay. Then he establishes His Kingdom.

Maranatha – Jesus is coming back!

By :Jacques Lucas