Laodicèa (English)

Laodicèa (English)

The last days – Most people around the world are awakening and are starting to realize that we are now living in the last days. Their spirits are aroused as they discern many signs that the end is nearing. Mar 13:4-8. Earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, floods, unpredictable weather, hunger, global systems, moral decline, pestilences, aids, gay parades and marriages, blasphemy,

technological explosions, multiplying of knowledge, time shortening, one religious system, terrorism, Israel and the Middle East the center of discussion, uncontrollable children. Jesus warns repeatedly that in the last days there will be many false prophets and teachers Mat 24:4-5. Question: If we are in the last days, where and who are those false prophets and teachers – Jesus warned about?

First – there must be a great falling away before Jesus returns to collect his bride 2The 2:3 It refers not to revivals, growth and blessings, but of a false manifestation of peace Dan 9:27. Everyone seems to be making their own kind of private peace with the great harlot of Revelation. Rev 18:3-4. This process points to prophecy being fulfilled 2Pe. 1:19. The world is coming to the great judgments of God, Isa 13:7-9, and nobody’s going to stop it. If you are not being redeemed from the evil of this world Joh 2:15–17, even if you are a Christian or Pastor – you will not escape the judgment of God Isa 24:2-3. We cannot change the course of this world; therefore we need to be saved from it. Gal 1:4. Jesus points to the fact that the Church will spiritually be fast asleep before He returns Mat 25:5. Prophets like Hosea, Daniel, Ezekiel, Elijah, Elisa, Jeremiah, Jonah, and other only had one repeated message for the children of God: Repent from your sinful, evil and devious ways. God is not after religious sacrifices, praises and prayer brought with stained and smeared hands .Those are to Him a burden, and he is tired of carrying it. Wash yourselves and become clean. Repent from your sinful way of live. Isa 1:13-20.

The church of Laodiceans: The second and third chapter of Revelation teaches on the seven stages the church of Christ has to go through from the ascension until Jesus comes again to fetch his bride. The final phase is represented by the church of Laodiceans. The Greek word Laodikeus translated means “human rights”. We read that Jesus is standing outside the door of this church and He is knocking. Jesus urges this church to repent – because she has become rich and does not know or realize that it is she who has become wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. Jesus urges this church to return to the true gospel Rev 3:14-22. If we look around us at the church of our time, we see the problem of Laodiceans being manifested to the full. The church has become prosperous and influential. Discipline is ignored; sin is called “human rights”. Avarice and human systems of control holds the day 2Pet 2:1-3. Christian praise and worship music becomes entertainment to salve a deficient conscience. The music and preaching of the current Church with all her different denominations are stirring up the idea that you only have to be a Christian believing in the name Jesus to be saved. You do not have to bare any fruit worthy of repentance. People become unaware of personal sin. If anybody, honestly, points to sin, it is made off as judgmental. 1Cor 2:15. Even sodomy becomes acceptable 1Cor 6:9-10, even for preachers. The church expounds an atmosphere of “come as you are” be comfortable – Jesus is only love – Jesus only wants to bless you 1Tim 6:3-5 the fear of the Lord has departed. The modern church of Laodiceans, with all her different denominations, only offers acceptable courses and motivational talks-that builds and motivates the self rather than crucifying it –while Jesus is standing outside the church, knocking. The Church encourages and motivates believers to a higher self-esteem. They only satisfy the flesh. They want to bind Satan and kick him out. They want to win the world for Christ and make it a better place. The church of today is busy with so many things, except what they suppose to be busy with.

Wolves in Sheep’s clothing: The false teachers and prophets come like wolves in sheep clothing Mat 7:15. Christians in their millions gobble up the fodder that they offer while they become more and more prosperous. The house of the Lord has become a place of tremendous profit for them Joh 2:13-16. We must keep en mind that all of this is achieved under the label of “Christianity”. We might just be ignoring the fact 2Cor 11:14-16 that the devil presents himself as an angel of the light. Paul warned against another Jesus, Gospel and Sprit, different to the gospel they teached 2Cor 11:4. Joyce Meyer was once asked how a housewife could become so rich, she remarked: “I am now living in my reward; if you stay in the faith you are going to get paid”. Luk 12:15 Billy Graham, super evangelist said “I believe people can be saved without knowing Jesus Christ” Joh 14:6. He adds “I respect other paths to GodJoh 10:1-9. The well known Bruce Wilkenson openly associates with Robert Schuler – a New Age guru and Eastern Spiritualist Eph 5:11. The purpose driven concept of Rick Warren is based on the worldly mammon driven management-program of Norman Vincent Peale. 1Joh 4:5. This program focuses on the visible, numerical growth of the church, compromising the spiritual. The Christians love him although he is famous for training homosexual pastors Rom 1:26-32. He is also the leader of the international “peace plan1The 5:3 that focuses on all faiths uniting. Joel Osteen promotes Christians to “discover the champion in you” – this completely evades the Biblical doctrine of sin. He believes that you obtain the best seats and V.I.P. treatment when you become a child of God. Jesus taught totally the opposite Joh 15:18-19.

The New Reformation which is spreading around the world fast, promoting “Post Modern Christianity” Teachers like Marcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan asks if we still can trust the Bible as the Word of God. Gal 1:6-8. Their followers teach that Mary was a harlot, and her son Jesus was born out of wedlock, going around fantasizing about a father-figure Mat 1:18-25. They openly reject Jesus as God 1Joh 5:7-12. They deny the virgin birth and physical resurrection of Jesus Joh 20. They blasphemed God and Jesus openly. The Bible points clearly that such blasphemers will follow the teaching of devils in the last days 1Tim 4:1-1. These false teachers are sublunary preparing Christians for the New Age way of thinking. Soon, very soon will the master of the New Age, the Antichrist, reveal himself. 2The 2:3-12.

What then is the true doctrine? – Paul warns that in the last days people will move away from the truth 2Tim 4:1-5. The well known and loved message of the cross 1Cor 1:18 informs us that in the last days this God given truth will be despicable for those who are lost. What is this message of the cross? You must first realize that you are lost. You must then realize that you can only be saved by one – the Son of God – Jesus Christ. You must repent by admitting your sins, and then forsake them Pro 28:13. If you repent out of your hart – if you are serious, you will become born-again. Joh 3:3. Now everything must become new 2Cor 5:17. You must allow the Holly Spirit to disclose the full word of God to you and to persuade you of your sin Joh 16:8-14. After regeneration you must be baptized, Mar 16:16, and you must allow the Holy Spirit to lead you deeper to the Light Rom 8:14 – so your sins can be dealt with. The fire of God must purify you 1Pet 1:7 because all whom He chastens, He loves Pro 3:11-12. All whom he disciplines, He loves Rev 3:19.You must turn away from the world and all its glory Rom 12:1-2. You must obtain victory over sin and fleshly lusts Rom 13:11-14. You must gather treasures in heaven Mat 6:19-21 and not on earth. Here we are only abiding in a tent 2Cor 5:1. You must learn to fear God Ecc 12:13. You must give all over to Him and He will manage it – on His terms – not yours Pro 3:5-6. The world must see that you live no more and Christ lives in you Gal 2:20. This is a matter of all or nothing. Yes, it is a complete and expensive surrender to Him, but the promises attached to it are godly, precious and complete 2Cor 7:1. Jesus said that many would attempt it, but that only few will succeed Luk 13:24. Have you found your life in this world, or have you mislaid it for Him? Mat 10:39. There is definitely no compromise! Those who die with Him, to their own selves, will forever live with Him 2Tim 2:11.

The deception is very cunning! You can be a Christian of long standing; even a teacher in the church, but if you have not been converted, or reborn, and have not died in yourself, it is almost certain that the Laodiceans – church of the last days will carry you along in its deception 2Pet 1:3. God distanced Himself from this people 400 years before the birth of Christ Isa 6:9-13. He did it to prepare the world for the coming of His Son. If you could be able to move around in Israel

during that time, you would have thought everything was pretty normal. The synagogues were overflowing; there were enough priests, all being well clothed. Religion abounded, but God was absent Esg 8:1-18. We are now at the end of the dispensation of the church. Jesus is no more in the church; He is outside the door, knocking Rev 3:19. The world is being prepared for the next (Jewish) dispensation of the great tribulation. If we look superficially, it seems as if there is revival, but it is the times of the wolves, and they are right under our noses Mat 7:15- 20. Make sure that your life is adorned with the clarity of truth!

Jesus is on the way to fetch his bride: The traditional Jewish marriage tradition gives us a clear picture of the essence of the gospel. It begins where the bridegroom chooses his bride. Jesus chose his bride long before she chose Him Joh 15:16. A price is set for the bride. Jesus has already paid the full price fir His bride 1Cor 6:10. Then a marriage contract is set: The New Testament is our contract of marriage Heb 12:24. The bride must read it, so as to realize and accept what the bridegroom expects of her. She usually gave her answer after this reading. Have you read your contract properly? Do you understand and accept what Jesus expects from His bride 2Tim 3:14-17. Do you realize that it is infinitely more than just blindly trusting a certain given doctrine? After the bride has answered, they both drank from a cup to seal the marriage to be. Do you completely understand and accept the sacramental implications of the communion and your partaking of it? 1Cor 10:16. After this she washed herself totally in water. Only after this the engagement could be declared legal. If she opted out of it afterwards, it was considered punishable. With the baptism that follows regeneration, the old nature of the human-fallen in sin is deemed to be dead. Col 2:12. This death is final and can not be nullified Heb 6:1-6. After these gifts is given. The Holly Spirit is our engagement ring. Jesus has given different gifts to his bride so that we can serve one another 1Cor 12:4. Then the bridegroom went back to his father’s house to prepare a dwelling for him and his bride to be Joh 14:2-3. Nobody but the father knew when he was going to send his son to fetch the bride. Jesus witnessed according to this Mat 24:36. It is so that Jesus gave us distinct signs so that we may know when this time is near Luk 21:28. The bride had to live and work in the faith on the promises of the bridegroom that he would certainly come for her. It could even be as long as 12 months before they would see one another again.

She still had to go to her workplace daily, but she had to give a clear sign to everybody that she belonged to another. Joh 15:19. Her friends were free to date and flirt, but she had to make it clear in word and deed. “I am now engaged and bespoken” 2Tim 2:5. Diligently she kept her bridal-dress spotlessly white and clean 2Pet 3:14. She had to be ready. He could come at any time to fetch her 1Joh 3:3. on a certain day the Father said to the son – Go and fetch your bride! What a day! His friends went along, first running and blowing trumpets. She had to keep a little lamp burning to show that she was ready. When she heard the trumpets, there was no time to rush around looking for oil. She had to have her lamp ready Mat 25:1-13. Collecting the right oil took time. Tit 2:11-13. What does this mean for us? – Laying off sin – conquer good and acceptable holiness – taking up the cross. You cannot do this with a divided heart. The 5 wise maidens did it right, and the 5 foolish maidens did it wrong. Being a bride-to-be for Christ in this world is a complete commitment – or nothing. If the folks at the workplace don’t know that you are the property of Christ, they are going to flirt and try to influence you to become as evil as they are. It was a trying time for the young betrothed lady, living and moving isolated from the crowd – while living in the crowd – but she was loved completely, and for the sake of this love, she remained pure and ready. Song of Son 5:3-4. Child of God – look around you – He, your Bridegroom is coming soon! MARANATHA!!!!!

by Jacques Lucas


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