Best day of my life

16h00 12 March 2002 was the best day of my life.  The two months prior to this day my whole world crumbled when I went through the biggest crises of my life.

I was always under the impression that I had everything under control. Mammon was my god and I was living in sin. I thought I was so smart and unstoppable; I was arrogant, rude, self-centered and not much love in me even to those around my, my family…..

I was a hard business man and had no respect for other people. I was not even that successful but always believed I could achieve anything on my own, I did not need anybody, not even the Lord.

When my life fell to pieces, when everything I build up and crumbled around me I had nothing, but nothing to grab on to.

I thank the Lord for Sarel, Lintie, Elizabeth, Naomi and Samuel. They took me in and led me to the Lord.  They baptized me and gave me a solid base of the true gospel of Jesus.

Lord I pray that you will always bless them and protect them and use them for the glory of your Kingdom.