Charles Darwin: Devil’s Chaplain or Pardoned Prodigal?

AD 2009 marks the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth in 1809 and the 150th anniversary of the unveiling of his theory of evolution by the publication of his book,The Origin of Species, in 1859. Belief in evolution as though it were fact proven beyond doubt is surely the greatest single cause of the disastrous decline in belief in God, the Bible and the Christian faith during the 19th – 21st century. Rom 1:25 refers to those “who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped the creature more than the Creator.” The evolution theory has proved a formidable weapon in Satan’s hands, which should be of concern to all true Christians who are called upon to “fight the good fight of faith” (1Tim 6:12). Continue reading “Charles Darwin: Devil’s Chaplain or Pardoned Prodigal?”

The Lie Of Evolution

What does the Bible really teach about evolution? From Genesis and on, the Biblical record is always clear and exact — God created Adam and Eve and from them mankind began. Mankind did NOT evolve from a monkey, nor were we put here by aliens from another planet or anything else. God created Adam from the dust of the earth (Gen 2:7) and Eve was created from Adam’s rib (Gen 2:21,22). The Lord Jesus confirmed their creation (Mar 10:6). Because Jesus is the ultimate authority, being God in the flesh, he verified man’s creation! That should settle it forever. Man did NOT evolve and evolution is a lie, just like eternal security. Continue reading “The Lie Of Evolution”

Seven Reasons Why We Should Not Accept Millions of Years

There is an intensifying controversy in the church all over the world regarding the age of the earth. For the first 18 centuries of church history,the almost universal belief of Christians was that God created the world in six literal days, roughly 4,000 years before Christ, and destroyed the world with a global Flood at the time of Noah. Continue reading “Seven Reasons Why We Should Not Accept Millions of Years”